What characterizes me:
A passion for life
Glad at my part
Wrapped and enveloped humanity in loving your neighbor as yourself

The owner of

Business entrepreneur

Owner of a business that provides computing solutions to the Internet

Business consultant and lecturer in various fields

Founder and Owner of Franchise Networks – Link

Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors
Computer systems auditor, certified systems analyst

Owners of a business that provides outsourcing services – based on constructive auditing and without employees only cooperation


David Abramov serves as the owner and CEO of the company (computerized information systems auditor and computer information systems analyst) – has extensive experience in internal auditing

Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University Department of Sociology and Anthropology Department of Psychology
Certified Information Systems Analyst – Sivan C.S.AB School

Certified Information Systems Auditor – Certificate Studies Ramot School, Tel Aviv University

Work experience in chronological order

 An operational financial controller and information systems at Discount Bank at the managerial level

CEO of X-ray Dental Imaging System – Dental Light

 Development and initiation of a training center for medical graduates who taught government preparation courses for Israel and the United States Medicine

 Internal Auditor of the Tel Aviv District of the Israel Lands Administration

 Senior consultant at Comsec in the fields of control and information systems security and control

 Deputy Internal Auditor of the Africa Israel Group

 Assistant to the Internal Auditor of the Industrial Development Bank

 The establishment of an Internet venture, which was allocated by investors from the United States
Which was not implemented in the wake of the global Internet bubble

 Expert in Computer Information Systems Auditor at the First International Bank

Counseling for the management and management of non-profit organizations

An impresario of artists


The Marker Café blogger writes every day to 3 posts

Writing free ebooks

YouTube channel creator
Which includes videos that teach to do tricks only with
Accessories in the house so that everyone in the world can be both an amateur magician and a medical clown volunteer and raise the level of health of a patient when performing the mitzvah of visiting the sick

Social entrepreneur

Founder and president of the Komech movement
A non-political social movement with no money from its volunteers helping needy populations
in the state of Israel

Founder of the global social network to contribute to the community – to the person living and the environment


Individual volunteer activity – Internet and computer training, multi-disciplinary mentoring
Mentor for mental contenders
Computer training for 2 elderly women

At the end of 2017, he initiated the establishment of the GIBF FOR YOUTH association, for the needy around the world, and serves as the provider of all services to the organization

Founder of the TV channel of the KAMACH movement and the GIV4U FELLOWSHIO , whose entire archive is open to ALL